Assembled Solutions

MACO-Sys - Extrusion Machine Control Systems

Extrusion Using the EM-3c

Have as much or as little as you need with an extrusion control system from MACO-sys. From our standard package to full line control, our worldwide network of project engineers will help you design a system that meets your requirements.

Choose from our proven auto tune temperature control/pressure monitoring package or a complete system including melt temperature control, melt pressure control, sequence logic control, drive control and more.

EM-3c offers the advantage of a totally integrated package with the simplicity typically found in single loop temperature or pressure controllers. A building block architecture is used to create an extrusion control system applicable to a large array of extrusion processes. Standard control system definitions have been developed which save valuable engineering time and expense with preprogrammed components that can be connected for true out-of-the-box performance.

The touch screen operator interface is the rugged MACO Compact HMI running Microsoft software. An optional Optima Touch PC with Wonderware® InTouch™ Visualization Software is available.

Upgrades for Barber-Colman Legacy products and ALL obsolete control systems

MACO-sys leads the plastic market with flexible solutions.

Whether you are setting up a new line, upgrading from an existing Barber-Colman product or retrofitting from a 3rd party product, our diverse product offering and application expertise assures that each user or machine builder can be uniquely satisfied.

Branson - Ultrasonic Welding

When it comes to Ultrasonic welding of plastics, we can recommend joint designs then automate the process to meet our customers specifications. Systems include staking, spot welding, swaging or conventional ultrasonic welding.

Machine Systems Include:

  • Custom Sound Boxes
  • Sequencing one power supply to multiple converters
  • Mounting Ultrasonic Welding stacks to Robots
  • Multi-head Systems
  • Continuous Sonics Systems
  • Dial Indexer Welding machine with added processes
  • Custom Ultrasonic Actuators

Ultrasonic Welding