Connectivity Solutions

Mencom - Armored Cordsets

Connectivity Solutions for Harsh, Rugged, Environments

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers struggle with today, is how to prevent downtime or outages caused by connection failure.  In most cases downtime is caused by one of the following conditions:>

  • Physical failure by repetitive impacts and abrasion
  • Damage by high pressure washdown and cleaning chemical
  • Damage by extreme temperature
  • Weld Slag

With the new line of Mencom’s armored, quick disconnect cables we can provide a rugged solution for harsh environments.  Available in 7/8” Mini, M12 Micro-DC & M12 Ethernet D-Code, ½” Micro AC and M8 Pico Connectors.

Chemicals, Abrasions, High Temperature, Water, Pressure, Welding, Cutting, Marine applications, and beyond create some of the harshest environments for cables. When you are faced with the extreme, but still need the convenience of plug and play connectivity – look no further! We can provide the solution for those problem environments to keep your equipment running longer, in turn saving you on costly down time.

Lumberg - LioN-R Modules for EtherNet/IP

Secure EtherNet/IP connection of Sensors & Actuators to Controllers

Lumberg's new LioN-R Modules for EtherNet/IP guarantee maximum security for data communication. This is because the galvanic isolation between the individual sensors and actuators and the higher level bus system reliably protect the controllers from interference. In addition, short-circuit-proof outputs ensure maximum reliability – guaranteeing highly productive machines and systems.

The LioN-R modules, which meet the requirements of industrial protection class IP67, are fully enclosed in a stable zinc diecast housing, so you can use them even in the most rugged environmental conditions. Their robust design even enables them to easily withstand applications involving welding sparks, filings or aggressive coolants and lubricants.

Because LioN-R modules are also equipped with dual-port switches (10/100 Mbit/s), they can be used to implement both line and ring topologies. Thanks to DLR (device level ring protocol), the modules switch over immediately to an alternative ring segment if the connection goes down. This guarantees maximum network availability and hence continuous access to your applications. The easy diagnostics concept also allows faults to be located quickly, thanks to precise channel and bus diagnosis, thus saving you time and money.


  • Secure data communication thanks to galvanic separation sensors and actuators and the higher level bus system
  • Easy diagnostics concept saves time when locating faults, reducing operating costs as a result
  • "Fail Safe" function ensures the reliable operation of the system and the module switches off in case of a fault
  • Integrated dual-port switch (10/100 Mbit/s) allows both line and ring topologies
  • Output current rating of up to 1.6 A per channel (maximum total current capacity of 9 A)
  • Color-coded connectors for clear assignment of cables
  • Industrial protection class IP67, temperature range of -10°C to +60°C
  • Power supply with 24V voltage rating and a range from 11 to 30 V
  • Large labels, laser marking and optimized arrangement of slots for easier readability and handling
  • IP addresses setup using a rotary switch or via webserver
  • Vibration-resistant M12 connection technology for network ports and I/O slots
  • 7/8" power supply with T-connector function
  • M12 D-coded EtherNet LAN connection with T-connector function
  • Diecast zinc housing, and integrated ports and short-circuit-proof outputs provide maximum mechanical stability and functional reliability