Leuze Safety Scanner RSL410-XL/CU405

Gantry Crane Collision Prevention

Our customer came to us needing to be able to prevent their overhead crane from running into the newly installed gantry crane. With the weight and speed of the overhead crane our customer figured they would need about 26 feet for the overhead crane to stop. The overhead crane could be at any length of the gantry crane with the length of 20 feet. With this info we knew that we would need a safety scanner to be able to cover that square footage. We suggested the Leuze RSL410-XL/CU405 for its long range of 8.25 meters (27.06 feet) and it’s great resolution of 70mm at that distance. Our customer ordered the scanner and it has worked great since being installed with no hits to the new gantry crane.

For information on the RSL410-XL Scanner and other models, please give your local Barry Sales Representative a call.