Leuze BCL 608i OF 100 with Blue Laser Technology

Trouble Scanning through Shrink Wrap

Bar code labels were put on a full pallet of product then shrink wrapped and sent to a distribution conveyor. At this point the scanner reads the bar code to send the pallet to the correct conveyor for shipping. If the reader can’t read the bar code, the conveyor stops and sounds an alarm, therefore halting productivity. Our customers current reader was having problems reading the bar code through the shrink wrap. After seeing the application, collecting all of the information needed, and doing our research, we found that the Leuze BCL 608i OF 100 with Blue Laser Technology would work great for the application.

The Blue Laser Technology has a 50% greater depth of field than normal red laser scanners. So, there is no need for the expensive auto focus scanners, saving our customer thousands of dollars per scanner. 

For more information on the BCL 608i Scanner and other available models, please give your local Barry Sales Representative a call.