Machine Safety

Safety Laser Scanners

Leuze RSL400 - Functional Diversity and Power

The Leuze RSL 400 family of safety laser scanners comprises 16 device types in four staggered operating ranges and function variants. As a result, you can always select the best scanner at the best price/performance ratio – if necessary, with a scanning range of 160 square meters thanks to a scanning angle of 270° and operating range of 8.25 meters. Whether mobile or stationary – the RSL 400 family covers all conceivable applications.

  • RSL 410 - Efficient solutions to simple safety tasks
  • RSL 420 - The all-rounder for standard tasks
  • RSL 430 - Ideal for all stationary applications
  • RSL 440 - With top-notch functions for the most complex applications

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Leuze Safety Light Curtains

Reliable and interference-immune sensor safety technology ensures high system availability and productivity. Wherever man and machine work "hand in hand", our safety light curtains can be used vertically as hand and finger protection, as access guarding as well as horizontally as area protection. With respect to integration capability, availability and cost effectiveness, they meet the highest requirements.

MLC 500 Series of Safety Light Curtains by Leuze includes the newest generation of extremely sturdy type 4 safety light curtains. Three function classes – Basic, Standard and Extended – enable the most efficient use of devices from simple standard applications to complex controlled safeguarding processes. The devices can be used universally, due to the flexible fastening concept and the option of form-locking installation. In addition, the series offers custom solutions for further areas of application. These include extra slim design, AIDA-compliant pin assignment, integrated AS-i interface, protection classes IP67/69K as well as especially impact-resistant, cascadable or EX-certified models. 

MLC 300 Series MLC safety light curtains are the latest generation of extremely slim and robust type 2 devices with slightly set back front screen and reinforced side walls. The devices are available in the Basic and Standard versions, thereby fulfilling various requirements. They can be used universally, due to metal end caps, a flexible fastening concept and the option of form-locking installation. There are also variants which have an AIDA-compliant pin assignment.

Smart Process Gating (SPG) process is based on type 4 safety light curtains of the Leuze electronic MLC 500 Series.  It is implemented in the MLC 530 SPG variant.  In the basic principle, the SPG process uses two control signals:

  • The first signal (CS Control Signal) is provided by the system control (PLC)
  • The second signal (PFI, Protective Field Interruption is generated by the safety light curtain itself when the protective field is interrupted.

Advantages of Smart Process Gating (SPG)

  • Extremely compact, space-saving system design, since there is no need to make space for muting sensors in front/behind the light curtain
  • Outstanding reliability and availability of the safety device and low installation and service costs at the same time (no set-up/alignment/realignment of muting sensors)
  • Reduced risk of tampering by operating personnel
  • Even interrupted parts and pallets with gaps between loading are reliably transported

View the Smart Process Gating (SPG) White Paper - for more information on how the MLC SPG series of light curtains can help you with your application, please give your local Barry Sales Representative at call.

Contrinex - Safetinex Light Curtains

Safety for Finger, Hand, and Access Control

Safetinex light curtains and access control barriers have been designed by Contrinex to offer high quality safeguarding solutions for both personnel and machinery. The range comprises highly sensitive Type 4 devices for finger, hand and access protection in various lengths. For use in rough environments, all types are available with improved degree of protection IP67 and operating temperatures as low as -35°C. Safetinex products meet the applicable international safety standards and have obtained the required product certification for use in the European Union, the United States of America and all other countries where the applicable IEC standards have been adopted. Safetinex light curtains and access control barriers feature the highest safety level, i.e. they correspond to Safety Category 4, PL e according to EN/ISO 13849-1 (former EN 954-1) and Type 4 according to IEC 61496-1 and -2. A full range of accessories is available for mounting, aligning and integration into your automation system.