Motion Control

Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

Encoder Model MA63S - Get Absolute Feedback

Encoders Model MA63S Multi-turn Absolute Encoder is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that require an encoder with the capability of absolute positioning output, even in power-off scenarios. Its fully digital output and innovative use of battery-free, multi-turn technology make the Model MA63S exceptionally reliable. The MA63's robust and durable magnetic technology and available IP67 seal readily handle the harshest industrial environments, including those with elevated electrical noise. Available with several shaft sizes and mounting styles, the Model MA63S is easily designed into OEM and aftermarket applications.

Key Features

  • Standard size 25 package (2.5" x 2.5")
  • Durable magnetic technology — no gears or batteries
  • Servo and flange mounting
  • Multi-turn absolute encoder (14-bit/39-bit)
  • SSI and CANopen communications
  • IP67 sealing available 

New Hollow-Bore Absolute Encoder

Encoder Model MA58HClick to view Datasheet

Encoders Model MA58H absolute encoder is a heavy duty, rugged, and reliable multi-turn hollow-bore absolute encoder. This encoder is designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments, and is especially suited to applications where you need an encoder to retain position information after power-off scenarios. The Model MA58H has an operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C and a sealing rating of IP65 on the shaft, with the balance of the unit rated to IP67. Available with bores up to 3/8" or 14 mm, and with two flexible mounting options, the Model MA58H is easily designed into a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder (14 Bit/39 Bit) 
  • SSI and CANopen Communications
  • 58 mm Diameter
  • Durable Magnetic Technology
  • Proven Turns Counting Technology – No Gears or Batteries
  • Retains Absolute Position After a Power Outage

HS35 Encoder - Robust meets Precision

The World's Most Rugged and Flexible Hollow Shaft Encoder

The Baumer HS35 combines a rugged Heavy Duty design with an unrivalled precision into a new high-performance and versatile product family.

Baumer's HS35 is available for shaft diameters from 0.5" to 1"standard).  Insulating inserts prevent undesired shaft currents to maximize bearing lifetime and enables mounting on smaller shafts.  Through hollow shaft or blind hollow shaft mounting with closed cover allow encoder to maintain its outstanding environmental ratings.

The design includes a proven dual bearing system, durable shaft seals and IP67 environment rating option, sealed connector or flying lead cable, and an ultra-precise optical scanning (Low Harmonics) system.  Proven applications include motor and drive control, oil and gas, elevators and hoists, and printing machines.

 Key Features & Benefits

  • IP67 robust package available
  • ≤ 60 arcsec accuracy
  • 200 g´s shock withstanding
  • –40 °F ... +212 °F standard operating temperature
  • „„User configurable design – fully programmable
  • „„Programmable encoder versions available from stock
  • Increased reliability
  • Precise closed loop speed control
  • Reduces inventory - only 1 part number required (programmable HS35P)
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Utmost safety and system availability


Bearingless Encoders - Absolute and Incremental

Incremental Bearingless Encoders

Baumer's Incremental Bearingless Encoders offer non-contact and wear-free operation based on the magnetic or optical sensing method.  Areas of application include:  Angle and position feedback, Rotation and speed measurement, and Motor feedback.

Key Features

  • Virtually unlimited service life
  • Unaffected by soiling
  • Extremely vibration - and shock-proof
  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Short axial design
  • Large air gap tolerances
  • For shafts up to 0740 mm (larger diameters on request)

Absolute Bearingless Encoders

Baumer's Absolute Bearingless Encoders operate based on the magnetic principle and thus are non-contact and wear-free.  Areas of application include:  Angle and position feedback, Rotation and speed measurement, and Motor feedback

Key Features

  • Virtually unlimited service life
  • Unaffected by soiling
  • Extremely vibration - and shock-proof
  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Short axial design
  • Large air gap tolerances
  • For shafts up to 0340 mm (large diameters on request)
  • SSI and CANopen interfaces with additional incremental signals (square wave and sinusoidal)

Delta - Introducing the new MH300 / MS300 Series AC Motor Drive

Compact - Reliable - Capable

Designed for micro variable frequency drive (VFD) applications up to 30 HP, the MH300 delivers high speed up to 2000 Hz operation for either induction motors or permanent magnet motors. It also features built-in PLC and Safe-Torque-Off features as standard, energy saving modes, and network expansion including EtherNet/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus TCP.

Delta's MH300 Series also allows for additional I/O and encoder feedback modules, and the option for connecting to EtherCAT for the highest performance and synchronized network control.


Both drives are physically compact – up to 40% smaller than similar models with the same horsepower – and deliver high speed start-up plus fast acceleration and deceleration. Both are also equipped with brake choppers.


Built to be highly reliable, their 100% coated printed circuits boards allow these new drives to withstand dusty and harsh environments for longer periods.


Beyond impressive speed, power and compact size, these drives were specifically designed to be exceptionally user-friendly. Plus, all of their parameters match those of Delta’s VFD-C2000 general-purpose drive, making the entire product line easily scalable from fractional horsepower to over 800 horsepower. And among the new drive’s timesaving features is a keypad jog-wheel (MH300 Series), plus spring terminal I/O, and application-based parameter grouping.

The MH300 offers five control methods – volts per frequency; sensor-less vector control; volts per frequency plus encoder pulse generator; field oriented control plus encoder pulse generator; and torque control plus encoder pulse generator. These last three give the MH300 more precise motor speed control.

The MS300 offers two methods – volts per frequency and sensor-less vector control.

The MH300 range is 0-2000 Hz, while the MS300 range is 0-1500 Hz.

For communications, the MS300 has built-in Modbus. The communication option cards are CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Profibus DP. And the MH300 has built-in Modbus and CANopen with the same communication option cards as MS300, plus EtherCAT. The MS300 has one option card slot while the MH300 has two option card slots, for more versatility.

The MH300 can control up to eight motors simultaneously, while the MS300 can control up to four.

For a compact, reliable and capable variable frequency drive, the MH300 / MS300 Series from Delta Products Corporation is the one to choose.