Safety-Light Curtains with Smart Process Gating

Smart Process controlled Gating is the name of a new process from Leuze electronic through which muting processes are made more economical, simpler and safer.

For muting applications in conveyor and storage systems – especially in the automotive and packaging industries – so-called muting sensors that clearly detect the approach of transported goods at the protective field so that this can be properly bridged to enable passage at the right time have been necessary up to now. On the basis of its MLC safety light curtains, Leuze electronic has now developed a process with which the installer can forgo such muting solutions on the signal-emitting sensors. Conveyor systems can thereby be designed much more compactly; there is no risk of misalignment or damage and the maintenance and servicing of these sensors no longer require any effort. In addition, the purchasing costs, the wiring and risk of manipulation are all reduced. Overall, so-called Smart Process controlled Gating (SPG) thereby increases the availability of the complete safety device in certain applications. The Leuze electronic light curtains of the MLC series, which support SPG, can also be used in deep-freeze applications down to -30°C. With SPG, the first muting signal comes from the process control (PLC), while the second muting signal is generated by the protective field itself. Prerequisite for Smart Process controlled Gating is exact knowledge of the process, so that the required PLC control signals can be made available in the expected time window. 

For more information on the MLC 530 SPG Safety-Light Curtains or other available Light Curtain models, please give your local Barry Sales Representative a call.