Servo Robots

Star Automation offers a variety of different size servo motor driven robots.


Pneumatic / Servo Hybrid Robots

Star Automation offer a variety of different size servo motor and pneumatic driven hybrid robots.


Sprue Pickers

XQ Series are swing axis style robots for your Sprue pick-up application.

COMAU - Beyond the Product: HUMANufacturing

MATE - Wearable Ergonomic Support

Imagine the power your operators can feel in using this wearable technology while carrying out their daily tasks…

Introducing MATE, Comau Exoskeleton, an ergonomically designed spring-based structure which eases the repetitive movements and relieves the effort, thanks to a lightweight, breathable and effective postural support.

Developed in collaboration with ÖSSUR, an Icelandic leading non-invasive orthopedic company, and IUVO, a spin-off company of the Italian BioRobotics Institute specialized in wearable technologies, our Exoskeleton is fully able to replicate dynamic movements of the shoulder while enwrapping the body like a second skin. This ensures greater comfort for the worker and increases work quality and efficiency by providing consistent movement assistance during manual and repetitive tasks.


  • Compact structure
  • 2 sizes: S/M, L/XL; each size can be further adjusted
  • 7 assistance levels
  • Lightweight 3.0 kg
  • Easy to wear
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Passive spring-based mechanism


  • Reduced muscular and cardiac fatigue
  • Improved posture and thus reduced occupational diseases
  • Naturally comfortable and highly breathable
  • Follows the physiological movements without resistance of misalignment
  • Improved precision of repetitive tasks
  • Improved job quality and work excellence

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COMAU Robotics is a leading supplier of Industrial Robots, Robotized Processes and Integrated Robotic Solutions

Comau offers a wide range of innovative articulated robots, covering a large number of models that are perfect for handling, spot welding, arc welding, press-shop automation, palletizing, sealing, machine tending and many other applications.

Technologically advanced, reliable, flexible, and specifically tailored to our customers' needs, Comau Robotics guarantees optimal performances across the entire robot range, robotized cells and process-integrated solutions. Offering payloads from 3 to 360 kg. and horizontal reach from less than 1m up to more than 3m.  Meet just one of the Comau robotic family members, the Racer 3.

Racer 3 - Precision and Speed Meet Beauty and Passion

A world-class robot that doesn't skimp on style.  With their unmatched pace and movement fluidity, Racer robots deliver optimal efficiency and technological excellence wrapped up in a sharp design.  The Racer model can do: Assembly, Cosmetic Sealing, Handling / Packaging, Machine Tending, Measuring Testing, and Polishing Deburring

Technical Specifications for the Racer 3

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