Parts Handling

Cleanrooms by MAC

MAC's controlled environment enclosures maximize efficiency of cleanroom molding for a fraction of the cost of a cleanroom facility. They can enable a molder to quickly and inexpensively enter the growing medical market, add to existing cleanroom capacity, or further enhance contamination control by further isolating parts within an existing cleanroom.

Cleanroom Hard Panel Walls - Blank panels are 1/2" gypsum, vinyl covered on both sides with white textured covering. All edges are sealed. If required, special sized will be cut and edges resealed at our factory. No field cuts are necessary.

Cleanroom Curtains - Curtains are 40 mil clear standard. (2) 12″ overlap openings are included with the base package. Strip entries are available as are sliding track entries. For additional curtain material and sizes give us a call at 636-326-1211.

Beside the Press Cleanrooms - Parts drop directly from the mold on to a totally enclosed positive pressure MAC conveyor and are conveyed in the HEPA enclosure. Once a container is full the operator reaches inside and seals the plastic bag of parts prior to removal.

Mini Cleanroom Under Press HEPA Enclosure

Cleanroom Pre-Wiring Package Option - The pre-wiring package option include:

HEPA Enclosure w-2 Tot Control panel housing the following: Fusing for each filter module, and for each light fixture circuit. Speed controllers for the HEPA filter modules. Filter modules are wired to speed controllers in multiples of three (i.e. one speed controller operates three filter units. It includes a power distribution block for single point connection to field power. Wiring harnesses are provided for components to connect them to the control panel. Harnesses are marked for re-assembly.

Cleanroom Filter Modules - Filtration is provided by our Model 421-SP motorized HEPA filter modules. Standard efficiency is 99.99% at 0.3 microns by DOP test. The modules are provided with an 8' power cord and variable speed controller mounted on each unit. If a pre-wiring package is purchased, the speed controllers are located in a control panel attached to the leg. Standard voltage is 120/1/60.

Cleanroom Light Fixtures - Light is provided by our 2' X 4' TAP fixture with F40-T12 medium bi pin lamps. Lamp tubes ARE included and are shipped installed in the fixtures. The lens is standard clear prismatic housed in an extruded aluminum frame. Wiring connection is made through an access cover in the top of the fixture. Standard voltage is 120/1/60.

MAC - Automatic Fill Systems

MAC Automation offers many types of automatic container indexing and loading systems. The styles are: In-line, Parallel, MAC-STACK (over/under), L-shaped, and Rotary Indexing Table. Three of the five listed systems are manufactured from either mild steel or extruded aluminum construction. These system types are the most common in the plastic injection molding industry. There are other styles that are application or requirement dependent and are available upon request. All of the above mentioned systems can be filled or controlled by either machine cycle count or be a counting scale system independent of the IMM.

Box Fill Systems can automatically fill containers by count or weight. They can be

designed to handle a wide variety of containers and floor plans. MAC systems serve to reduce labor cost, fill containers more accurately, enhance product quality, improve safety, increase capacity and add flexibility.

Over/Under Box Filling Systems - MAC-STACK
For Multi-Level Systems - you have either three or four levels added to the stack system. The added conveyors are belt drive types with forward and reversing motor starters. An electric vertical elevator, belt drive, is utilized to sequence to the correct elevation as determined by sensors. Three level systems consist of two belt or power roller conveyors and a single gravity conveyor. The four level systems consist of three belt or power roller and one gravity roller conveyor. Systems can have even more levels. The number of levels required is based upon the necessary number of containers required for a given machine footprint.
Parallel Box System Steel or Parallel Box System Aluminum
The second most economical type of system found on the market. The system size is determined by the size and number of containers required for a certain amount of unattended run time.

Systems for cycle count controls consist of an indexing conveyor, a gravity type accumulation conveyor, an equipment sub-frame, a pneumatic sweep arm, a control panel and leg support with an end stop at end of gravity conveyor.
Automatic Shuttle Fill System
This design utilizes a support structure for approximately 4-6 containers, containers are located close to floor, a shuttling belt conveyor uses a two- position air cylinder on a track system. The conveyor belt is cleated and has a forward and reversing motion. The sequence of the PLC controller allows all boxes to be filled by cycle count only. The alarm is activated when the last container is filling. An operator manually resets the system when completed and removes full containers while replenishing with new empties and activates a reset button.
Inline Box Filling System
The most common and most economical type of system found on the market. The Inline Box Fill system's size is determined by the size and number of containers required for a certain amount of unattended run time. Systems for cycle count controls consist of an indexing conveyor, a gravity type accumulation conveyor, a control panel and leg support with an end stop at end of gravity conveyor.
Carousel Fill System
Rotary Index Tables are designed as a cost-effective method of filling bags or boxes. The indexing tables can be sized to provide many hours of unattended run-time. The robust design, which is engineered to take demanding punishment from an industrial environment, is far superior to competitive designs. Our control panel has a NEMA 1 cabinet with hinged front door, no screws to remove for panel access. You can see the quality in the panel design and component layout. A state-of the-art operation interface equipment to controller sequence of operations, this provides reliable no hassle functionality. Included in the basic package is our CT8 control package. This standardized control is a cycle count-based system, which receives cycle signals from the IMM and is entered into the programmable operator interface.

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For more information or for a quote on any of the above Box Fill Systems please contact your local Barry Sales Representative at 636-326-1211.

DynaPro - NEW Low Profile Slider Bed Conveyors

DynaPro™ is a durable, low profile slider bed conveyor that can be used across various industries, including general manufacturing, parts manufacturing, parcel/packaging, injection molding, automotive manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing.

Just about any industry can benefit from the features that are considered add-ons to most conveyor manufacturers but come standard with the DynaPro line from Dynamic Conveyor Corporation.

This modernized low profile conveyor has extensive applications, from being used with pick and place robots, to completing transfers of all sizes, to being used as a takeaway conveyor.


  • Easy to order, with fast lead times
  • Affordable
  • High-quality, durable design
  • Maintenance free
DynaPro Features & Benefits Technical Specifications

The conveyors feature a tensionless link style belting to prevent tracking issues and allow for easy belt repair in lieu of replacing entire belts. Further, the DynaPro incorporates many standard features that most other conveyors have as options. These standard features include variable speed, reversing, nose bar design for tight transfers, and an M12 connector for machine integration.

DynaPro low profile conveyors are an excellent solution to helping companies achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals since the conveyors utilize compact, high-efficiency 60w & 120w DC brushless motors. Relative to other low-profile conveyors utilizing large 3-phase AC motors, DynaPro conveyors save an estimated 30% on energy costs over a year running single shift.

DynaClean Food Grade Conveyor Systems

Innovative Sanitary Conveyor Design

DynaClean food grade conveyors offer a simple patented design that allows the conveyors to be easily and quickly cleaned and sanitized. Greatly reducing the water and chemical consumption during the cleaning and sanitizing process. DynaClean food processing conveyors have a positive effect on the environment starting with the first cleaning. With years of conveying knowledge DynaClean developed a line of plastic washdown conveyors for processors of snacks, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery, prepared foods and pharmaceuticals.

Easy-to-clean conveyor design

  • Patented quick-release design gives access to all internal components
  • Washdown motor and control are removed without the use of tools
  • Flange head bolts and ½” spaces between conveyor sidewall segments
  • The belt can be removed with one lacing rod
  • The feed roller is easily removed by lifting up and away
  • Blue in color for food safety and cleanliness
  • Designed for clean-in-place or off-site cleaning

Desgined to meet your sanitary conveyor needs

  • Designed and built to meet NSF, FDA, USDA and BISCC standards
  • Configurations include horizontal, angle Z-style and vertical conveyors
  • Belt options include metal belting, solid surface belting and several choices of plastic link style conveyor belting
  • Belting is specified for each product type to reduce product loss
  • Motors are hygienic, energy efficient and maintenance-free
  • Conveyor components can be re-used to create a new washdown conveyor when processing needs change
  • A variety of options and accessories to maximize conveyor capabilities

Quality build food conveyors

  • Designed with safety in mind – no need for additional guarding
  • Built from the highest quality materials, food grade conveyor systems are corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent and temperature resistant
  • Durable stainless steel supports and hardware
  • Includes a 5 year warranty

DynaClean Features & Benefits - What You Save!

Cleanroom Conveyors

Get Clean Room Conveyor Capabilities with the Same Conveyor

Clean room conveyors are built using the same DynaCon modules and components — there is no need to order a special conveyor to meet your dust free and clean room requirements.  DynaCon modules are connected together to build the ideal medical device conveyor.

The DynaCon conveyor system is an economical solution to achieving lean manufacturing in medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace or semiconductor industries.

The DynaCon conveyor has been independently tested and meets Federal Standard 209D Class 1 (ISO Class 3) ratings.

Benefits of a DynaCon Conveyor

  • FDA approved belting with dust fringe hinge pins
  • No motor emissions with brushless DC motors
  • Grease packed gearboxes with no leaking oil
  • Maintenance-free, with no lubrication required
  • Quiet operation, below 50 dBA, with minimal vibration
  • Simple and efficient to clean
  • Medical device conveyors are portable and easy to move around in your clean room
  • Available in any flat, incline angle and Z-style conveyor configurations
  • DynaCon medical device conveyors can be configured and reconfigured as needs change

DynaCon's Box Filling Conveyor Systems

Standard and custom Over-Under, In-Line and Side-by-Side Box Filling Systems are designed to meet your box filling needs.  Automatic filling systems are designed for un-attended box filling of parts by weight and/or count.  Systems are available in two sizes to accommodate boxes from 9″ to 27″.


  • User defined fill rates to ensure accuracy
  • Smooth transfer of boxes from 0 – 200 lbs.
  • Allows for unattended operation of automatic filling boxes by count and/or weight
  • Simple control set-up and quick disconnects between conveyors
  • Database allows for storage of 150 jobs
  • Easy to read visual indicator on a large graphical LED display
  • High quality Mettler Toledo Scale
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Easy to adjust guide rail for box size changes
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Energy efficient by operating with 110V and using no compressed air