Process Instrumentation

Eurotherms 3200 Series Indicators and Alarm Units

3204i, 32h8i, 3216i - Accurate indication of Temperature and Process Measurement

The Eurotherm range of 3200i indicators offer accurate indication of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocks, including overtemperature furnace limits, are implemented using relay output channels.

The emphasis is on ease of use. A simple ‘Quick Start’ code is used to configure all the functions essential for indication and protecting your process

Ideal For:

  • Temperature & process indication
  • Level/pressure/flow
  • Process protection
  • Heat treatment – furnace over temperature
  • Plastics – extrusion melt pressure
  • Weighing platform
Input Type Custom, mA, mV, RTD, TC
Panel Size(DIN) 1/16, 1/4, 1/8
IP Rating NEMA 12 / NEMA 4X (3216 only), IP65
Control Types 3216i, 3204i: 4 Digit LCD plus 5 character alphanumeric, 32h8i, 5 Digit LCD plus 9 alphanumeric
Alarm Types Dev, Hi, Lo, Rate, Sensor Break
Supply Voltage 100-260V ac, 24V dc/ac
Transmitter Power Supply 24V dc, None 
No of Alarms 3
Safety-approvals EN14597/TW, FM
PC Configuration Graphical Wiring
Transducer Power Supply 10V dc, None
User Calibration 5-point, Auto Tare, Load Cell, Shunt
No of Relay Outputs 3216i: 3, 32h8i, 3204i: 2
Digital IP/Logic OP 2/0
Retransmission 3216i: Non isolated, 32h8i 3204i: Isolated
Custom Messages 128 Characters
Slave Comms Modbus RTU
Melt Pressure 3216i, 3204i: No, 32h8i: Yes
PV Input Selection None

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Eurotherm's EPC3000 Programmable Controller

Helping deliver an efficient and secure process.

The EPC3000 range of programmable single loop process and temperature controllers maximizes efficiency and repeatability and is certified for cybersecurity communications robustness.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Process inputs are fast and accurate, with exceptional thermal stability, aiding precise and consistent control over long periods without calibration drift. Recalibration and user calibration correction functions are available to further improve accuracy.

The industry-leading Eurotherm PID algorithm delivers fast reacting and repeatable control and has been enhanced in the EPC3000 range to further reduce overshoot. Rapid rise to operating temperature and low oscillation helps improve yield. PID settings may be adjusted to suit specific process operating regions, helping deliver optimum performance.

Connectivity and Cybersecurity

The EPC3000 controller range is Ethernet enabled as standard and is the first Eurotherm controller to be designed and certified to meet the stringent cybersecurity requirements of Achilles® Communications Robustness Testing Level 1. Ethernet communications are supported via a standard RJ45 connector, providing fast access to process and diagnostic information as well as connectivity to external PLCs, SCADA systems and IIoT technologies.

Modbus RTU serial communication is also supported.

A free PC-based backup and configuration tool uses a USB connection, to power the instrument for convenient desktop configuration.

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Eurotherm's EPC2000 Programmable Controller

Precision at the Heart of Your Process

Whatever your process, the EPC2000 controller delivers outstanding performance precisely where it is needed.  Easily providing required stability, accuracy and repeatability, together with an internationally recognized cybersecurity certification.

Efficient, consistent results in an easy-to-deploy format.  The EPC2000 DIN rail mounting controller delivers fast acting precision control with easy-to-integrate ethernet communications.  This offers high performance enhanced Eurotherm PID control, either as part of a stand-alone machine or as a control loop in a multi-zone application.

Improve Quality, Reduce Scrap and Increase Profits

  • Fast-acting enhanced Eurotherm PID control reaches operating temperature quickly, minimizing overshoot, increasing plant utilization
  • Precise repeatable control improves quality and reduces waste
  • Independent single loop controllers continue to maintain zone conditions, independently of supervisory system or PLC operation

Reduce Equipment and Maintenance Costs

  • Easy-to-install, commission and replace
  • Robust battery-free design for reliability in demanding environments and highly regulated industrial processes
  • Adapt easily to changing needs and machine integration functions with flexible software and user function block wiring
  • Instant function upgrades available online, only pay for what you need now
  • Extended standard warranty and free online support

Distributed, Communicating, Controllers

  • Compact DIN rail mounting format
  • Distributed, Ethernet-based controllers
  • Install close to the point-of-use, reducing cabling runs and wiring costs

World Class Certification

  • Cybersecurity certification to Achilles® CRT Level 1
  • Wide range of international standards
  • Suitable for use in demanding automotive and aerospace applications

Eurotherm's 3500 Advanced Temperature Controller and Programmer

Precision control of temperature and process variables

3500 Advanced Temperature Controller & ProgrammerThe latest range of advanced process controllers from Eurotherm provide precision control of temperature and a host of other process variables together with an abundance of advanced options making it the most adaptable product in its class.

The emphasis is on flexibility, yet the 3500 controllers still maintain ease of use. A simple ‘Quick Start’ process is used to configure all the basic functions essential to controlling your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range, control options and alarms making ‘Out the Box’ operation truly achievable. More advanced features are configured using a PC based graphical configuration tool enabling users to pick function blocks from a library then connect them together using soft wiring.

Ideal for Automation Applications

  • Heat Treatment
  • Semi-conductors
  • Environmental chambers3500 Series Advanced Temperature Controller
  • Autoclaves
  • Reactors and Fermenters
  • Melt pressure
  • Process applications

PID Controller Features

  • 2 PID loops
  • 50 Programs
  • Precision PV input
  • Carbon potential
  • Maths/logic/timers
  • Custom user interface
  • Recipes
  • Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • Profibus DP
  • DeviceNet network


Analogue IP/OP - In: 5 Out: 6
Combinational Logic - 24 Operations
Digital Comms - Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus Master
Digital IP/OP - In: 40 Out: 41
Math's Equation - 24 Calculations
PC Configuration - Graphical Wiring
Safety Approvals - None
Special Features - User wiring, Master comms
Timers/Counters/Totals - 4 / 2 / 2
Input Type - TC, RTD, mV, mA, Volts
PV Accuracy - <0.1%
IP Rating - IP65, NEWMA12
Display Type - Main PV: 5 digit plus 4 line alphanumeric
Control Types - On/Off, PID, VP
Alarm Types - Hi, Lo, Dev, Sensor Break, Event, Heater Fail
Supply Voltage - 24V dc/da, 85-264V ac
SP Programmer - 50 Programs, 500 Segments max
Real Time Clock - Day and Time

Dynisco's UPR900 Process Indicator

1/4 DIN Panel Display of Pressure and/or Temperature

The UPR900 can display your choice of engineering units related to a selectable Click to view the UPR900 Datasheetrange of input types. Add an optional secondary input for an all-in-one display of polymer melt pressure and temperature. The secondary input can be strain gauge to indicate differential pressure measurement. The UPR900 includes two standard assignable alarms with the option to add a 3rd. The LCD graphical display allows for easy reading of trending graphs with user selectable monochromatic configurations. The UPR900 is easily field-configured, can be programmed remotely via optional Modbus RS-485 or can be programmed with BlueControl software.

Dynisco's ATC990 Process Controller

1/4 DIN Auto-Tuning Control & Display of Process or Differential Pressure

The ATC990 Process Controller provides a cost-effective way to control a single process parameter, such as for a plastics extruder. Designed to improve user efficiency many features are integrated to reduce commissioning time, simplify operation and minimize maintenance downtime. Reliably auto-tune and alarm on strain gauge, DC voltage, temperature or current inputs. The ATC990 can also control differential pressure when an optional secondary strain gauge input is used.