Process Instrumentation

Eurotherm's EPack™ Lite Compact SCR Power Controller 

Offers Simplicity Without Compromise on Performance

Whether replacing an existing product or building a new process, the EPack Lite power controller has been carefully designed to aid easy and fast integration in industrial systems. The EPack Lite range offers a simplified choice and fast commissioning without any compromise on performance in order to provide a high level of quality, accuracy and reliability to the process.

The EPack Lite-1PH controller provides control of single phase non variable resistive or primary transformer loads. It combines simplicity of setup and operation in a compact format. Download data sheet here.

The EPack Lite-2PH controller is the latest generation of power controllers designed to be a cost-effective solution for the control of 3 phase loads. The 2 legs control is particularly adapted to the control of balanced loads, directly, or through transformers. Burst firing avoids generation of harmonics and reduces the consumption of reactive power. Download data sheet here.

The EPack Lite-3PH controller is the ideal solution for the control of non-variable resistive or primary transformer loads The control of each phase ensures accurate control, even if the loads are unbalanced. The currents and voltage measures also allow a high level of diagnostics, which can be used for alarm management. Download data sheet here. 

Controlled Phases
1, 2 or 3
Firing Mode Burst Firing
Firing Mode Phase Angle
Maximum Current (Amps)
Maximum Voltage (Volts)

Eurotherm's 3500 Advanced Temperature Controller and Programmer

Precision control of temperature and process variables

3500 Advanced Temperature Controller & ProgrammerThe latest range of advanced process controllers from Eurotherm provide precision control of temperature and a host of other process variables together with an abundance of advanced options making it the most adaptable product in its class.

The emphasis is on flexibility yet the 3500 controllers still maintain ease of use. A simple ‘Quick Start’ process is used to configure all the basic functions essential to controlling your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range, control options and alarms making ‘Out the Box’ operation truly achievable. More advanced features are configured using a PC based graphical configuration tool enabling users to pick function blocks from a library then connect them together using soft wiring.

Ideal for Automation Applications

  • Heat Treatment
  • Semi-conductors
  • Environmental chambers3500 Series Advanced Temperature Controller
  • Autoclaves
  • Reactors and Fermenters
  • Melt pressure
  • Process applications

PID Controller Features

  • 2 PID loops
  • 50 Programs
  • Precision PV input
  • Carbon potential
  • Maths/logic/timers
  • Custom user interface
  • Recipes
  • Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • Profibus DP
  • DeviceNet network
Analogue IP/OP - In: 5 Out: 6
Combinational Logic - 24 Operations
Digital Comms - Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus Master
Digital IP/OP - In: 40 Out: 41
Math's Equation - 24 Calculations
PC Configuration - Graphical Wiring
Safety Approvals - None
Special Features - User wiring, Master comms
Timers/Counters/Totals - 4 / 2 / 2
Input Type - TC, RTD, mV, mA, Volts
PV Accuracy - <0.1%
IP Rating - IP65, NEWMA12
Display Type - Main PV: 5 digit plus 4 line alphanumeric
Control Types - On/Off, PID, VP
Alarm Types - Hi, Lo, Dev, Sensor Break, Event, Heater Fail
Supply Voltage - 24V dc/da, 85-264V ac
SP Programmer - 50 Programs, 500 Segments max
Real Time Clock - Day and Time

Kobold - MIS Economical Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Developed for Measuring & Monitoring Medium-sized Flow of Conductive Liquids in Pipes

Kobold's MIS Electromagnetic Flowmeter offers 2 configurable outputs. It features monitoring, batching, and transmitter functions. The batching function has an external control input. There is both a grand and resettable totalizer. The colored, multi-parameter TFT display rotates in 90 degree increments for easy viewing, regardless of the installation position. The MIS also offers bi-directional measurement capabilities. Set-up is easy with the intuitive menu, accessed by the four optical touch keys on the display. Measurement with the MIS does not depend on the process liquid and its properties such as density, viscosity, and temperature. IO-Link comes standard. Common application areas include water and wastewater treatment, and many other industrial applications.

Kobold PSD - Digital Pressure Sensor w/LED Display

Offers - Switch & Analog Outputs

The PSD is an economical, adjustable pressure switch with a digital display and analog output for monitoring the pressure of compatible liquids, air or other non-combustible, non-aggressive gases. The switching pressure may be viewed on the rotatable LED display and easily adjusted via buttons. The compact device has a high-quality stainless steel housing with a protection class of IP 65. The switching points, reset points, switch types and other different functions can be programmed simply and without pressurization of the device.

Download Datasheet

Kobold New Dot - Turbine Flow Meter/Monitor

High Accuracy, Long Service Life

Kobold's DOT is a highly accurate turbine flowmeter used to measure the flow of clean, low viscosity liquids. The rugged design with stainless steel construction and tungsten carbide bearings ensures a long service life. The DOT can handle a wide variety of aggressive and non-lubricating liquids. Common application media includes: chemicals, petrochemicals, fuels, and deionized water.

Principle of Operation

The operation principle of the DOT is as follows. A pick-up coil with a permanent magnet core is mounted in the housing adjacent to the rotor blade tips and a magnetic circuit is created by the rotating blades. The rotation varies the pick-up of this magnetic circuit and the flux changes induce a small voltage in the coil. The frequency of this is directly proportional to the rotor speed and the volumetric flow rate.


The DOT is available in NPT threads from ½” to 2”. Standard ANSI flanges are available in ½” to 6” with larger sizes available upon request. Threaded versions are rated for pressures up to 3,600 PSIG and flanged versions are according to the ASME flange rating. The temperature range is from -4 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, with up to 250 degrees possible with the mV output option. Available outputs include: mV pulse, transistor pulse, analog 4-20 mA, or LCD total, rate/total or batching display with analog and switching outputs.

Kobold DSD - Digital Pressure Gauge

Latest in Solid-State Design

  • Economical
  • Superior Stability and Long Cycle Life
  • Large, 4-Digit, LCD Display
  • 9V Lithium Battery Operated with On/Off Switch
  • Ranges: 0...30" Hg Vacuum to 0...20,000 PSIG
  • 1/4" NPT Fitting
  • Wetted Materials: 316 SS, Ceramic, NBR
  • Polyester Housing
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% FS ± 1 Digit