Sensor Technology

Leuze 46C Series Photoelectric Sensor

A Family with the Best Genes

With their high function reserves the large operating ranges of up to 150m, these sensors are ideally suited for use in conveyor systems, in the wood-processing industry and in special-purpose machinery manufacture.

The highly visible, brightvision® light spot, an even more readable status LED and the reliable detection of stretch-wrapped objects reduce life-cycle costs in many applications of conveyor and storage systems.


  • Automatic performance optimization for high function reserve
  • High operating ranges up to 150 m
  • Large adjustment range through multiturn potentiometer
  • Very fine adjustment through mechanical adaption for scanners with background suppression
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +60°C


  • Particularly extensive series with devices of all operating principles and special models
  • Standard M12 connector or cable connection
  • Large variety of fastening options and corner-hole fastening compatibility with the 46B series


  • Immediately ready for use in standard applications, simple adaptation via potentiometer for more demanding uses
  • Simple and fast configure on the devices by means of teach-in button or potentiometer
  • Bright brightvision® light spot for fast and simple alignment
  • Indicator LEDs visible from all sides for simple diagnostics and full device control
  • High immunity against external light interference through optimized A2LS for reliable differentiation between object and background
  • High degree of protection IP 67 or IP 69K for rough environmental conditions
Large brightvision® light spot Status LED visible from all sides Potentiometer or teach button

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Leuze LBK Safety Radar System

Reliable area monitoring in harsh environments!

The world's first safe 3D radar system,

 LBK from Inxpect S.p.A., was developed for the monitoring of hazardous areas in harsh industrial environments. It detects the bodies of persons and in doing so monitors the protected area for access and presence. Using the controllers, up to 6 sensors can be combined in one application.


  • Reliable operation, even under harsh ambient conditions with, e.g., dirt, dust, smoke, and light
  • Flexible adaptation of the protected area to the application: by means of the number and position of the sensors as well as adjustable operating range and selectable opening angle
  • Static objects in the protective field are permissible and do not result in shutdown of the safety outputs
  • Fast installation through simple system design
  • PROFIsafe controller with detailed output of the system status
  • If desired, configuration and setup service for your application by our certified experts

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Leuze DRT25C: The one for everything!

Reliable detection without readjustment when changing objects.

The dynamic reference diffuse sensor with innovative CAT technology reliably detects any objects independent of shape or surface: flat, with openings, glossy or transparent.


  • Reliable detection of any object (flat, with openings, glossy, transparent) prevents downtime and increases machine throughput
  • No readjustment necessary when changing format or object. Increases the production volume
  • Easy and fast teaching of the sensor using the teach button, whereby the belt is used as a reference
  • Reliable operation even with vibrations or contamination of the conveyor belt
  • Additional functions such as warning output or disabling of the teach button via IO-Link

Leuze LS 25C High Power Throughbeam Photoelectric Sensors

Throughbeam photoelectric sensors always consist of a sensor and receiver. With ranges up to 150 m (800 m for object radiation). Cubic and cylindrical designs.

The Leuze LS25C is a high-power throughbeam photoelectric sensor designed for applications in factory automation, packaging, and materials technology. Here are some key features:

  1. Transillumination Capability: The LS25C can transilluminate various types of packaging films, even dark, metalized ones. It reliably detects objects inside the film, making it useful for product separation and film sealing.

  2. Adjustable Power: Both the transmitter power and receiver sensitivity can be adjusted via potentiometers. This flexibility allows customization based on specific requirements.

  3. Robust Housing: The sensor’s housing has IP67 and IP69K protection ratings, making it suitable for harsh environments where frequent cleaning is necessary.

  4. Eye-Safe Infrared Light: The infrared light used by the LS25C is powerful enough for transillumination but completely harmless to the eyes.

Whether detecting transparent films or transilluminating dark ones, the LS25C offers a wide range of capabilities for various packaging scenarios.

Smart Distance Measurement - Today

Leuze ODS 10 Series

The measuring ODS 10 and the switching HT 10 are compact, optical distance sensors that reliably detect objects and measure distances with an operating range of up to eight meters and an accuracy of +/-15 mm. Depending on the model, a simple switching signal or a specific measurement value is transmitted to the machine control system.

Thanks to the modular design of the distance sensors, you can select exactly the function range that your application requires. Not only does this simplify installation, it also saves money.

For more information on the exact model of sensor you need for your application, give your Barry Sales representative a call.

Due to the large range of sensors Barry Sales Engineering offers, please give us a call so we can help you determine which sensor solution will work best for your application.