Sensor Technology

New M30 Inductive Sensor

Contrinex - New M30 Inductive Sensor with Extended Operating Distance and IO-Link

Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex announces an addition to its highly successful Classics family of M30 inductive proximity sensors, extending the maximum operating distance for its Classics Basic range to 25mm. The new sensors give systems integrators and automation engineers increased flexibility when design considerations warrant extended sensing distances, without compromising affordability.

Thanks to innovative ASIC technology, Contrinex Classics sensors feature industry-standard IO-Link connectivity as a no-cost option on all PNP versions, facilitating plant-wide control of all key processes in industry sectors that include automotive, textiles and packaging. Connection is via a hermetically sealed 3-wire PVC-sheathed cable or an integrated M12 connector, retaining the benefits of a uniform, system-wide interface.

OEMs and integrators in the elevator-and-escalator industry have also been quick to adopt these new M30 Classics sensors; in this highly competitive sector, the combination of extended operating distance, proven reliability and cost-effective pricing is unrivalled. Mounted in rugged M30 nickel-plated brass housings and featuring vacuum-encapsulated electronics, Contrinex Classics inductive sensors are ideal for almost any industrial position - or presence-sensing application.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Extended-range Classics M30 inductive sensors are versatile and highly reliable
  • 25mm sensing distance gives increased flexibility without compromising affordability
  • No-cost option of IO-Link connectivity facilitates plant-wide control
  • Unrivalled price-performance capability for the elevator-and-escalator industry
  • Robust metal bodies and vacuum-encapsulated electronics ensure mechanical resilience

PosCon 3D - Your Edge Specialist

Baumer PosCon 3D for exact and reliable edge measurement

The compact sensor is an efficient alternative to complex laser measuring systems used in different applications where other solutions would fail. PosCon 3D reliably measures edge positions as well as object and gap widths without external software, processing device or reflector. It is easy to install, quick to configure, and low-maintenance in operation.

Measurement on extremely dark objects - Thanks to specific algorithms, the PosCon 3D also measures precisely on very dark surfaces made of highly absorbent materials such as rubber. This makes it the optimal tool for the tire industry. Tolerance checks for black rubber belts with steel mesh are one area of application.  If you would like to order a StarterKit give us a call today!


Easy Installation and Operation

  • PosCon 3D is installed as easily as a light sensor
  • Only four steps to get ready: Install, align to the object, select language and measuring mode. That’s it
  • Visible class 1 laser line for easy and safety commissioning
  • Time saving installation by referencing the optical axis to the mounting holes (qTarget™)


  • The sensor reliably measures objects with different colors and surfaces; even when these are changing
  • Distance-independent measurement even at radial or axial runout
  • Even substantial ambient light will not affect the measurement
  • Low-maintenance: the sensor does not require a reflector prone to soiling
  • Soiled lens warning (weak received signal) for optimal process support
  • The switching output can be configured as process control output (acting as a limit switch

Powerful and Flexible

  • Precise measurement without complex sensor alignment. The measuring values are displayed directly in millimeters; time-consuming conversion will be handled by the integrated smart algorithms and powerful coordinate transformation
  • Cost reduction in system planning and commissioning by allowing flexible sensor installation in any position with a lateral angle of +/- 30°

Leuze LS25B.2 Photoelectric Sensor

High Power for Plastic Foil Transmission - Very powerful for best transmission, but also very precise to adjust sensitively.

  • Easy adjusting on both sides (receiver & emitter) by 270° potentiometer
  • Put trimmer on receiver on medium sensitivity (six o'clock)
  • Place empty pouch or several layers of foil in front of transmitter
  • Turn up transmitter until foil is penetrated and receiver signals switching
  • If transmitter is put on MAX (11 o'clock, turn up receiver a bit (7 o'clock)
  • Move the foil: sensor should not switch off

Smart Distance Measurement - Today

Leuze ODS 10 Series

The measuring ODS 10 and the switching HT 10 are compact, optical distance sensors that reliably detect objects and measure distances with an operating range of up to eight meters and an accuracy of +/-15 mm. Depending on the model, a simple switching signal or a specific measurement value is transmitted to the machine control system.

Thanks to the modular design of the distance sensors, you can select exactly the function range that your application requires. Not only does this simplify installation, it also saves money.

For more information on the exact model of sensor you need for your application, give your Barry Sales representative a call.