Maguire - the market leading materials control specialists, and Syncro, the extrusion control specialists, together provide new choices for extrusion control as well as a modular approach for a wide range of functions on a typical line.

Applications - Maguire blenders have been specifically designed to service film, cable, sheet, pipe and profile extrusion processes.

Connected Control - Customer can use existing equipment from Maguire while expanding control elements on both existing and new lines to maximize extrusion efficiency.

More choice, more flexibility and more options to maximize extrusion efficiency.

Motan - Extrusion

For cables, tubes and profiles.  High-quality dosing and mixing systems that deliver superior precision and consistency for the continuous production of films, cables, tubes and profiles.


Granulator Solutions for Film and Sheet Extrusion

Rolls of waste plastic film and sheet are usually dealt with in two ways.  Alternatively, and according to cutterhouse width, rolls of film/sheet are unwound and drawn continuously into the appropriate granulator by means of a Rapid Roll Feed System mounted on the granulator infeed.  The superior design of the cutterhouse, rotors and knives ensures that even thin film is cut through cleanly.

Granulator solutions for Pipes and Profiles

Both multipurpose and dedicated Rapid granulators are available for recycling various plastic pipes and profiles.

The Rapid Open Hearted granulator series can be tailored for pipes and profiles of any dimension or material thanks to the modular design.

The Rapid Shredder/Granulator with automatic feeding control is totally dedicated to recycling large pipes and profiles.

Solutions for Edge-Trim Granulation

The Rapid Guillotine System speeds up the recycling of edge trimmings. Two guillotines, one for each trimmed edge, are incorporated into a system that continuously cuts edge trimmings coming directly from a sheet extrusion line into small pieces. The guillotined pieces fall onto a band conveyor that transports them to a granulator.

Alternatively, the Rapid granulators can be tailored to take care of edge trimmings. A Roll Feed System fitted on a granulator pulls in continuous strips of edging directly after they have been trimmed off from plastic sheets or foil coming from an extrusion line.

Vertex Mercury Free Pressure Senor - Melt Pressure Sensor Series

A new standard in Durability, Environmental Safety, and Reliability

 Features and Benefits

  • No fill material
  • RoHS compliant for sustainability programs
  • Robust, thicker Inconel diaphragm s coated with DyMax®
  • Available with thermocouple temperature output
  • 250-10,000 PSI pressure range capability
  • HART digital communication available

ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer

Simplified Rheology for the Masses

 Features and Benefits

  • Based on the proven technology of our successful ViscoSensor and CMR IV series
  • 1/2 -20 Mounting Port that is compatible with the standard pressure port on extruders
  • User Interface based on Windows™ 10 IoT allowing users to leverage familiar Microsoft services
  • Provides continuous indication of both Melt Flow Rate, Apparent and/or Intrinsic viscosity
  • Variety of heated material transfer line options available that enable rheological head to mount into tight spaces
  • One cable power cord and simple cable bundle with robust connectors for quick interconnection between RSU, RCU, and HMI -- ideal for self installation
  • Material is not returned to process stream
  • Comes standard with Dynisco Vertex™ Mercury Free Pressure transducer for high accuracy
  • Small footprint for easy set-up and integration into existing and/or new machinery
  • Quick changing of capillaries 

With Dynisco's Online Rheometers, you can verify your polymer rheology of not only your virgin material, but virgin and recycled polymer, and eliminate quality issues before production. 

EPC3000 Programmable Controllers

Helping Deliver an Efficient and Secure Process

The EPC3000 range of programmable single loop process and temperature controllers maximizes efficiency and repeatability and is certified for cybersecurity communications robustness.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Process inputs are fast and accurate, with exceptional thermal stability, aiding precise and consistent control over long periods without calibration drift. Recalibration and user calibration correction functions are available to further improve accuracy.

The industry leading Eurotherm PID algorithm delivers fast reacting and repeatable control and has been enhanced for EPC3000 to further reduce overshoot. Rapid rise to operating temperature and low oscillation aids high process throughput at low scrap rates. Different PID settings may be applied in different process operating regions for optimum performance.

Connectivity and Cybersecurity

The EPC3000 Ethernet enabled controller range is Eurotherm's first to be designed and certified to meet the stringent cybersecurity requirements of Achilles® Communications Robustness Testing Level 1. Ethernet communications are supported via a standard RJ45 connector, providing fast access to process and diagnostic information as well as connectivity to external PLC or plant SCADA.

Modbus RTU serial communications is also supported.

A free PC based backup and configuration tool uses a USB connection, powering the instrument from the USB interface for convenient desktop configuration.