Granulation / Recycling

Rapid OneCUT PRO - The Smart way to benefit from slow speed granulation

The Cutting Edge of Plastic Recycling!

The Rapid OneCUT PRO is a highly efficient energy-saving granulator capable of producing the highest quality regrind.  It benefits from a number of unique Rapid innovations such as:

  • Next generation screenless/slow speed grinder
  • Rapid FlexiSpeed - Frequency drive - variable speed rotor from 15-35 rpm for all different materials
  • Rapid Open-Hearted Design - Quick Rotor Release - ease of cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • EnergySmart option - lower the energy cost by the Rapid Stop and Go feature

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Rapid Raptor Shredder - "Open-Hearted Power"

  • Recycle all plastic!
  • Open-Hearted technology 
  • New rotor design – impact protection
  • QuadCUT™ – Patented unique knife design
  • Customizable tilt back hopper

The Rapid RAPTOR shredders are unique in many ways. They are designed for all types of plastics, large 1200 lit IBC containers or heavy lumps, all are efficiently recycled.

The new patented Rapid QuadCUT™ knife design offers four true cutting edges per knife in a solid piece which makes the knives the toughest you can get. The knives are clamped in a rock solid design, including a shock absorber to protect the rotor from being destroyed in a sudden impact from any metal etc. that accidentally have entered the cutter house.

The shredders come in two widths, 800 and 1350 mm. The standard version comes with FlexiPUSH (pneumatic pusher). For voluminous light weight goods, a TopPUSH (pneumatic) can be added. In case extra power is needed the PowerPUSH version (hydraulic pusher) is recommended.

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Rapid 500 Series

Comes in three widths, 24", 36", and 48"!

  • Open-Hearted design
  • Single operator handling
  • Highest quality regrind
  • Extremely short pit stops    
  • "Visibly clean" inspection
  • No compromises            

The Rapid 500 Series large-size granulators are used for central or beside-the-press operation in all types of plastic applications. Typical waste includes large volume granulation of sprues and runners, large products like molded items, profiles, pipes and sheets.

The Rapid Open-Hearted concept provides within a few steps total access to the heart of the machine supporting rapid cleaning, maintenance and "Visibly clean inspection". Clear visual access to the core machine parts allows “visibly clean” inspection and approval of the machine before it resumes operation, preventing potential contamination at color and material changes.

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Airveyor Systems

MAC Currently Offers Two Different Types of Air Conveyance Systems:

Both systems safely transport small plastic parts collected in a custom hopper under an IMM (Injection Molding Machine), through flexible or hard wall piping to the desired destination(s), where they are decelerated and presented to any Manual or Automatic Box, Bag or Tote Fill System.

  • The first is Positive Pressure Conveyor, which uses high pressure ambient air to effectively "blow" the parts and is recommended when compressed air is not consistently available.
  • The second is Vacuum Pressure Conveyor, which utilizes a line vacuum to create negative pressure used to "pull" the pats and requires compressed air.

These systems are designed specifically for the plastics industry and are typically used in cellular manufacturing applications with a total line run of 30 feet or less. Sizing of systems is directly related to part weight, shape, total distance of the run, etc. In order to provide a specific quote, MAC will require parts for testing, a schematic of the proposed run, detailing, horizontal sections and vertical rises, as well as required or desired radii for turns.

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Automatic Parts Sorting

MAC Currently Offers Four Standardized types of Part/Runner Separation Systems:

  • Part Diverter - Front/Rear, free standing and under the press
  • Separating Handlers - Offered in both pin (finger) type and textured belt
  • Screw Separators - (most commonly used)
  • Roller Separator - Rollers are designed for independent gap adjustment

Front / Rear SorterMAC Front/Rear Sorter

Part diverters are used to change the direction of a shot of parts, the discharge of a complete cycle or cycles of parts from an injection molding machine. MAC Automation Concepts, Inc. currently offers two different styles of part diverters, also known as "part discriminators" in the injection molding industry.

SH Separating Handler with "Pin or Textured Belt"

Designed to work in tandem with MAC series conveyors. Units are designed to accept the overall width of the SF series, this design allows the frame to get tremendously close to the separator for tight tolerances. The following are the lengths and widths offered. Included is a T-type steel telescoping stand, standard AC fixed speed parallel shaft gear-motor. Unit has adjustable angle from 0- negative 45 degrees. Your choice of pin heights 1-1/8" tall and 2" tall. Belt material is White Polyurethane with stainless staple lace, holes are punched on 1" centers on a staggered pattern. Pins have a shoulder to hold place in the belt, but the pins easily removed to be repositioned for different patterns. A textured, white polyurethane belt with chevron pattern and an endless splice is available for applicable runners and parts.

Screw Type Separators

A screw type separator is used to separate small parts form sub-runners, ideally suited for small to medium number of cavities and runners. A gap separation method is used between the screw and the adjustable angle slide plate. The smaller (shorter of the two pieces) fall through the gap.

Roller Separator

Roller separators consist of slave rollers driven from the under-the-press conveyor. Slave rollers are chain driven and are designed for independent gap adjustment. Rollers are mounted in a formed steel frame, mounted on a "T-base" support stand, support stand has adjustment from 18-30″ top of roller. The gear-motor is a fixed speed direct drive unit, 110/60/1 with power cord, manual motor starter and grounded plug.

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Industrial Shredding Technologies for Every Application

Whether you're using an industrial shredder for simple waste volume reduction, for recycling, for secure destruction, for composting, or for some type of material repurposing such as WTE, RDF, PEF, or another alternative fuel application, Vecoplan provides the mechanical technologies and the practical knowledge needed to achieve your goals. Vecoplan designs and manufactures an array of industrial shredders and re-shredders in both single shaft and multiple shaft configurations, as well as complete size reduction systems that employ multiple machines tailored to achieve specific results in the most efficient and economical manner possible. This is possible because of experience with shredding technologies. Experience working in conjunction with a diverse collection of experts, on a broad spectrum of applications, for an extensive scope of industries, from a wide range of companies around the world, has uniquely positioned Vecoplan as the preferred provider of Technologically Advanced Size Reduction Solutions.

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DynaCon Module Conveyor Systems

Benefits of DynaCon Modular Conveyor Systems

Module Conveyors are Reconfigurable and Portable

  • Configure or later reconfigure the modules to create a simple horizontal conveyor, an incline conveyor, a Z conveyor or a radius turn conveyor
  • Constructed from lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate makes it easy to assemble a variety of flat, incline, and overhead conveyor modules into a complete conveyor system – one that can be changed at any time.
  • Built with lightweight but sturdy conveyor modules results in a portable conveyor system that is easy to move
  • Compatible with a variety of plastic link style belting and varied drive flights (cleats)
  • Easily adaptable to meet Federal Standard 209D Class 1 (ISO Class 3) rating as a clean room conveyor

Custom Conveyor Configurations

  • Conveyor modules connect to form portable conveyor systems of varying lengths (up to 100 feet) and widths (from 4″ to 72″ wide)
  • Conveyor profiles include radius turns, flat, Z style and incline conveyors
  • Choose from a variety of interchangeable plastic link belting styles
  • Conveyors can be built as portable conveyors with casters or hung from the ceiling as overhead conveyors
  • Modular conveyor systems can ship in as few as 3 days through our Quick Ship Program.

Accessories for all of your Processing Demands

  • From clean room conveyors to metal detection to cooling fans and water baths
  • DynaCon conveyors are easily adaptable to meet clean room conveyor ISO Class 3 Standards (Federal Class 1 Standards)
  • Accessories like E-Stop and Photo Eye Stop bring added safety to your facility
  • A variety of options help meet your product’s standards, including metal detection, ionizers, and cooling fans

Belt Conveyors with a Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Maintenance-free conveyors reduce spare parts inventory
  • Eco-friendly energy efficient motors are maintenance free
  • No oil or lubrication required
  • Conveyor belts are self-tracking and require no adjustments or maintenance
  • Replace only the broken belting pieces, not the entire belt
  • Belt conveyor modules feature a lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate construction
  • Easy to assemble with no need for licensed installers
  • Options such as metal detection, chutes, covers, diverting arms and parts cooling are easy to add at any time
  • All of our modular conveyor systems are designed to your specifications
  • Order with fast lead times
  • 5 year warranty

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Dynamic Conveyor - Parts Separation

Offering Three Different Styles of Part Separators in order to provide the Best Separation possible for all Parts and Runner Combinations.

Sleeve Style Tumbler SeparatorSleeve Style Tumbler Separator

  • Designed to separate parts and runner combinations not possible with standard tumbler separators
  • Rotating cage features a cost-effective interchangeable sleeve with custom holes allowing optimal parts and runner separation
  • Interchangeable custom sleeves can be easily switched in and out in less than 60 seconds to meet parts separation needs
  • Simple design with no complicated gear mechanisms to jam or break
  • Cage lengths of 2 feet and 4 feet
  • Optional cage cover
  • Adjustable part introduction height from 1-1/2 feet to 4 feet tall
  • Energy efficient 1/30 HP variable speed brushless motor is maintenance free

Adjustable Fin Style Tumbler SeparatorAdjustable Fin Style Tumbler Separator

  • Designed to separate parts / runner combinations not possible with standard tumbler separators
  • Rotating cage features adjustable fins to allow parts / runner separation
  • Adjustable fins can be easily moved and adjusted to meet separation needs
  • Simple design with no complicated gear mechanisms to jam or break
  • Cage lengths of 2 feet and 4 feet
  • Optional cage cover
  • Adjustable part introduction height from 1-1/2 feet to 4 feet tall
  • Energy efficient 1/30 HP variable speed brushless motor is maintenance free

Line Pin SeparatorLine Pin Separator

  • Conveyor belt holds adjustable lift pins to separate parts from runners
  • Lift-Pin Separator adjusts to adjacent conveyors,
    parts receptacles and runner bins
  • Retainer shield prevents parts from deflecting off course
  • Separator chute kit includes retainer shield, retaining flanges, and lift pins

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The DeDuster® - The Ultimate Cleaning Technology

Where Do Fines Come From and Why Is Cleaning So Important?

Some dust and contaminants occur naturally in products like minerals, food, tablets and other bulk solids, while others are caused by the way the products are handled. Impurities in plastic pellets, both fines (dust) and angel hair (streamers), are generated by the friction in conveying lines. Dilute phase systems create large amounts of dust and streamers; the higher the velocity, the larger the amount of impurities. Pipe elbows also cause friction and result in the creation of more dust and streamers. The high pressure in dense phase, or slow motion systems, creates very fine dust due to wall friction and friction between pellets. Temperature, pellet shape and product characteristics can also contribute to the creation of dust.

Cleaning bulk solids is important for several reasons. Food and pharmaceutical bulk solids are cleaned for hygienic reasons and to improve the quality of the finished, packaged product. Minerals are cleaned primarily to avoid environmental and health problems. The plastics industry cleans pellets to improve the quality of both the pellets and the finished plastic product. 

XP Series DeDuster® - the standard dedusting machine for discharge capacities from 600Kg/h (1000lbs/h) up to 150t/h (350.000lbs/h)

Mini Series DeDuster® - the dedusting machines for discharge capacities from 5kg/h (11lbs/h) up to 750kg/h (1650lbs/h)

Mobile DeDuster® Systems - installed directly under the silo and travel from one silo to the next.

Custom DeDuster® Solutions - available from 600kg/h (1000lbs/h) up to 150t/h (350.000lbs/h).



Offering a full line of Magnets & Metal Detectors

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