Are you wasting valuable plastic?

Increase Profitability with the Rapid Raptor Shredder Solution

The Rapid Raptor range of shredders is specifically designed to ensure you can recycle and reuse 100% of your plastic raw materials in-house.

Rather than worrying about sending away your scrap material to a fraction of its value – recycle it in-house with a Rapid Raptor and an integrated granulator into high quality regrind and get the full value from every piece of your plastic whilst also improving your own business’ sustainability.

After the initial investment you will start saving money and cutting waste immediately, and it’s only a matter of time before the equipment pays for itself.

Rapid Features

  • Patented QuadCUT specially designed for heavy lumps and plastic waste
  • Open Hearted shredders offer extremely easy cleaning, service and maintenance
  • Extensive safety systems with multiple sensors
  • Optional PLC programming for increased flexibility
  • Reliable, quiet and energy efficient heavy-duty gear box

To find out how long it would take for you to start saving money and cutting waste, get in touch with your local Barry Sales Engineering representative.