Vision Inspection

Datalogic - DataVS2 Vision System

Easy Configurability of Object Recognition, Inspection & Identification Tools

 FeaturesDatalogic DataVS2

  • The DataVS2 compact dimensions (70 x 52 x 40 mm) allow to install the device even in extremely narrow spaces
  • The VGA resolution guarantees high quality images thus allowing to check even the smallest details
  • The graphical user interface allows to create a new inspection in a simple and intuitive manner

Leuze - LSIS 400i Series

The Smart Camera of the Next Generation

The Leuze new generation of smart cameras of the LSIS 400i series is literally a "highlight" in our range of products.  Thanks to its extreme light-intensive object illumination the camera can illuminate its image field very homogeneously and therefore also master demanding detection tasks without problem.

The motor-driven focus adjustment and the easy operation via webConfig tool make the handling of the system so easy nobody is left in the dark during the operation.

The smart cameras score points compared to more complex systems in particular when it's about fast and low cost integration. The flexible and high-performance systems of the LSIS 400i series are therefore the right choice for many automation applications.

Advantages at a Glance

  • LSIS 400i Series Smart CameraHomogeneous illumination of the entire image field for considerably better results than with conventional LED illumination
  • The easy configuration via the integrated webConfig tool facilitates and simplifies application setup
  • Easy and reliable object detection and inspection through high-performance BLOB analysis
  • Integrated connectivity with an RS 232 interface and 8 digital, freely configurable inputs and outputs as well as Ethernet for configuration
  • Easy start-up and connection with M12 connection technology and intelligent fastening concept
  • Suitable for industrial use: metal housing with glass window and protection rating IP 65LSIS 400i Series Smart Cmaera
  • Flexibility through motor-driven focus adjustment and storage of the lot-specific camera distance in the test program. As a result, no manual focusing is necessary on the device
  • Easy diagnostics by means of bilingual display with buttons and LED status displays
  • The wide range of accessories simplifies installation, wiring and fastening


Baumer - CMOS Cameras with VisualApplets technology and GigE Vision®

Intelligently Solving Image Preprocessing

Baumer's LX models with VisualApplets technology are a new class of cameras at Baumer for easy, application-specific image preprocessing. This allows for increased throughput, simplified system design or lower system costs.

Since image preprocessing is carried out directly in the camera's FPGA, real-time application behavior is achieved. At the same time, the volume of data to be transmitted and processed can be reduced so that the PC-based image processing system does not have to perform algorithms requiring considerable processor power.

With VisualApplets, the graphical development environment for FPGA programming from Silicon Software, even complex algorithms can be implemented quickly and easily. It allows the user to adapt the camera's range of functions flexibly to the application, and enables efficient and economic image data processing at very high resolution and speed.

3D cameras for high-performance laser triangulation

The LX VisualApplets 3D cameras feature a particularly developed and pre-installed applet for laser triangulation. In favor of this, the laser line focus is located directly in the camera with subpixel accuracy, so transmission will only contain the profile data which will significantly reduce the amount of data. With up to 12 megapixel resolution, up to 4K line width as well as profile rates of more than 2.5 kHz at 128 lines they identify even the slightest deviations reliably at high processing speed.