Plastics Assembly Automation

Branson GSX-E1 Ultrasonic Welder

Meet Project Timelines, Ensure Product Quality And Deliver Expected Return On Investment!

Designed to support a constant demand for the assembly of smaller and more intricate plastic components. The Branson GSX Ultrasonic Welding Platform is an advanced and intuitive flexible joining solution, designed to optimize and ensure quality welds, while helping manufacturers meet project timelines and deliver expected return on investments.


  • Electro mechanical advanced actuation system with patented amplitude profiling and force stepping technology
  • Low trigger force of 5N for delicate and miniaturized parts.
  • Closed loop actuation system can be instantaneously adjusted based on real-time feedback and provides unprecedented control and position accuracy
  • Best-in-class repeatability from welder to welder from the advanced actuation system
  • New quick-change process provides a faster set up time
  • New square column design improves rigidity and alignment retention
  • Faster start up time (Under 60 seconds)
  • Intuitive and easy to use HMI screens
  • Broad range of hardware and software capabilities

View GSX Series Datasheet
View the Next Gen GSX-E1 Brochure

For more information on the GSX Series, please give us a call at 636.326.1211 and one of Technical Sales Representatives will be happy to assist.

Branson - GMX-W1 Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

The Branson GMX-W1 ultrasonic splicer joins wires with superior electrical metallurgical bond over crimping, soldering, or resistance welding. This product is designed for copper wire harness, although other materials may be possible upon testing and qualification.


  • Anti-side welding
  • Ergonomic design
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Automatic calibrations
  • LED color status indicator
  • 22-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • In-line wire cutter module
  • Capable of splicing wires with cross section up to 40mm²
  • Suitable for splicing wire with cross section of 0.13mm²

Materials that the GMX-W1 can be used with:

 View the GMX-W1 Datasheet for more information.

Give us a call at 636.326.1211 if you would like to see a demo (live or virtual) or speak with a Technical Sales Representative regarding the GMX-W1 or any other Branson product.

Branson SW300 Spin Welding System

SW300 capable of circular joint interface parts with accurate control and highly consistent results.

Features:Click to view the Branson SW300 Brochure

  • Servo motor driven with accuracy of +/-0.1 degree
  • 6" color touch screen with intuitive user-friendly HMI
  • Storage of up to 30 recipes (presets), weld data information for up to 15 previous cycles available for operator interface
  • Linear encoder for ease of setup allowing for working in revolutions (orientating), collapse, and absolute height modes
  • RS232 weld data output - comma separated data to PC
  • Automation alarm cable connection (15 pin)
  • Counter clockwise or clockwise direction
  • User configurable I/O (four of each) 

Branson Vibration Welding Equipment

Offering Medium & Large Sized Part Vibration Welding 

Branson M934L Branson M824H Branson M936L Branson GVX-2H Branson GVX-2HR
Branson M934L Branson M824H Branson M936L Branson GVX-2H Branson GVX-2HR
Branson GVX-3 Branson GVX-3R Branson GVX-3H Branson GVX-3HR Branson M824L
Branson GVX-3 Branson GVX-3R Branson GVX-3H Branson GVX-3HR Branson M824L
Branson VW-4i1H Branson VW-6i2H Branson VW-6i3H Branson VW-8H-2  
Branson VW-4i1H Branson VW-6i2H Branson VW-6i3H Branson VW-8H-2  



Threaded Inserts for Plastics

Tri-Star Industries is a manufacturer of threaded inserts for plastics. Offering a full line of brass inserts for all methods of installation, including: ultrasonic, heat, thermal, press-in and mold-in. Tri-Star can also custom design and produce threaded inserts for most applications with a low minimum order quantity requirement. Tri-Star stocks large inventories of the most popular styles of brass inserts, which include: Tapered InsertsStraight Hole InsertsSymmetrical Inserts and Threaded Studs. Although their standard line is brass, they also stock stainless steel inserts in a variety of styles and sizes. Threaded inserts start at 0-80 for inch threads and M1.6 for metric threads. Tri-Star offers the most extensive variety of lengths for ultrasonic inserts and thermal inserts in the industry.